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The First 'Missing Adventure' Book?

By:Yumchan, Doncaster, England
Date:Friday 25 April 2003
Rating:   10

A book, notorious for its poor bindings but also for having the best Dr Who cover artwork (and also excellent artwork throughout, although the Tardis does look like a Blue Peter shoebox job!)
The Doctor had been travelling on his own here, (And implies that he has been on his own for sometime), until just before the book starts. He had materialised in the Great Fire of London and picked up a family of fleeing 'peasants', the Mortimers who think he is the devil or a Magician in his magic box. The Doctor finds them annoying and spends a fair amount of time putting them down! (Though he is ashamed of this a couple of times.)
The Doctor says that he will probably be able to pop them back in England, but at which time he knows not. However he loses control of the Tardis and ends up on an artificial planet with a good view of the Great Spiral Nebula in the Andromeda constellation. They are met by the Aalan race who are, not surprisingly, an Aryan type people who want to take over the Milky Way galaxy! Their leader calls himself 'The One' and is both mentally and technologically more advanced than the Doctor. The One hasn't seen 'Man' for quite some time (100,000,000 years ish) and is quite interested in the Doctor and the Mortimors for information on the Milky Way galaxy.
A 40 page illustrated text story which is actually quite a good read, although, the author, does seem to, get a little, carried away with commas!
"They were all taking it very well, Dr Who decided, considering where they had come from and the way in which they had trapped themselves into what must be, to their simple minds, the most fantastic nightmare that ever the mind of a man had suffered." Was the opening sentence.
William Hartnell is definitely the Doctor in this story with his occasionally grumpy mannerisms but the Mortimers don't get fleshed out too much.
Definitely worth looking through and reading if you get the chance.

A Really Nice Book

By:PiggyGruntebeest, Big Pig Sty, England
Date:Saturday 14 June 2003
Rating:   7

Interesting story and great artwork. Ocassionally available from Kazaa now or email for a 3.4MB PDF file of this rare book.

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