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Works better as a book

By:Tom Lingwood, Broseley, Shropshire
Date:Monday 11 February 2002
Rating:   8

In 1993, 70’s producer Barry Letts wrote a 5 part radio serial entitled The Paradise of Death starring Jon Pertwee. It was broadcast over August and September 1993 on BBC Radio 5. In April 1994, the book was published. The radio serial was okay but the book is better. In it, we get scenes not shown on the radio like Onya’s origins. This book is a pleasant and enjoyable read and a good end to the Target series.

This book is numbered 156 in the Target Library (though the number and target logo don’t appear on the spine of the book) and this is the last in the series of the Target books. It’s okay numbered but it would’ve been better as a Missing Adventure (I’ve put Paradise among them in my collection). If only Letts waited a couple more months then it could’ve been a MA. However, it can be considered as an early MA.

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