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Good But Not The Best

By:Theo Robertson , Isle Of Bute, Scotland
Date:Thursday 11 March 2004
Rating:   9

I loved reading this novelisation of POWER OF THE DALEKS several years ago but after re-reading it again over the years my enjoyment diminished . I think it`s possibly to do with the original teleplay being a suspenseful , claustraphobic slow burning tale tale whereas Peel is better suited to writing fast moving epics . I also didn`t care for Peel`s referrances to UNIT or to the ICM which smacked of self indulgance

A flawed book where you can easily forgive the flaws first time you read it

well worth the wait.

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Wednesday 19 December 2007
Rating:   8

when i first got it it was use to reading 120-140pg target novels. SO to get one that was 250+ was a bit intimadating, and for that reason i did, enjoy it as much. Now that i have matured and have read books that are a lot bigger the time was right to read this one again. Having never seen this when it was broardcast I had no idea what to expect.
John peel should be comended here, he has taken the scripts (in an interview i think he was also friends with Terry Nation, so that would of helped) and turn it into a very good read. his discription of the setting and the charecters are brilliant and he has realy gone out of his way to deliver a book that will excite and grip a reader. Even if you are not a huge fan of the series i think anybody can enjoy it. The best bit for me was when the Doctor is panicing about these few Daleks, and everbody else is wondering what he's worried about (when will they listen to him?).
The only problem i had with it was that i felt that the author wafled on in a few places, and hurryed in a couple of other places. At times i feel asleep in palces. But I completly disagree with Theo this book was better the 2nd time i read it but thats just my opinion.
Diffantly read this book, and check it out for yourself. I found it a bit better if you read the Tenth Planet first - then you know why the doctor regenerated and dont have to worry about the back story that Peel mentions at the start.
8 out of 10

At last! A full length novel!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 4 October 2011
Rating:   10

When I first read the novelisation of The Power of The Daleks I was really well and truly hooked by the fact that here at last was a decent, more in depth novelisation at last, goodness knows what took the Target guys so long to realise that full decent sized books cant be all bad. Just from the fantastic illustration on the cover by stalwart ALister Pearson, I knew this tale was going to be great to say the least! And boy, was I right.

I love the opening rememberances of the Tenth Planet, they help set up the regeneration of the Doctor to a tee. The particular descriptions of the time lords pain is very well written, and makes you feel really sorry for the time lord. And of course, John Peel perfectly captures Pat Troughton's new Doctor brilliantly. I particularly like the final scene where Ben finally admit that the Doctor is the Doctor and not some wierd interloper, this is a great little added scene that rounds off the novel well indeed.

This has a staple kind of Who plot, where the Doctor tries to warn idiots of what they are dealing with, and is ignored and then the whole colony pays the consequence. one of the most memorable aspects of David Whitakers script of this story was the far deeper depth given to the Daleks at last, set as whispering schemers rather than just plain exterminators. The Doctor knows of this cunning of course, and his lamenting at the blindness of the colony is really portrayed well here in this book. But it is really really well done as Ive said, and the characters all possess a lot of depth that is capitalised within the novel, everyone has a back story and the dalek action is brilliant written by John. Aside from Evil of The Daleks, this is definitely the best Target novel of the lot. Its a great and gripping read from start to finish.

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