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Makes a Bit More Sense

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 15 May 2021
Rating:   7

"Ghost Light" the TV serial suffered from two major problems: 1) That it was a 4-part idea stuffed into a 3-part serial, and 2) Marc Platt's method of never revealing significant information directly. Thus, on TV, "Ghost Light" came across as a mulligan stew of ideas and set pieces with few apparent connections. Platt's novelization of his script provides much of the missing information and a few missing scenes that help give the story some sense of design. Platt has mainly tried to write an allegory of evolution set in a Victorian haunted mansion that is more like a madhouse. There are many juicy ideas and clever bits. It still does not quite come together, and large holes remain. Just how is Josiah Samuel Smith able to hypnotize or otherwise take over the minds of the people in this house, and do so almost effortlessly? Why is Smith so obsessed with the idea that Control is evil? Why does Control start evolving, and why now? What kind of superbeing is Light that sets about cataloguing all life, yet is unaware of and refuses to acknowledge that evolution is a rule of life? So many questions remain unanswered.

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