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By:Matthew B, Cardiff, Wales
Date:Monday 2 October 2006
Rating:   5

I wanted to like The Space Pirates. It's almost universally forgotten about, lurking at the fag end of Season 6. I wanted to be the one who "discovered" it's brilliance. With only one of it's episodes in existence it's a difficult one to judge. I've yet to work up the motivation to listen to the soundtrack, so recently decided to give the novelisation a go, hoping that it will be the best and fairest way of judging the story. So what do I think? Well, The Space Pirates is not dreadful, it's not great, it's just...uninteresting. The opening chapters are reasonably entertaining, but things become so lifeless so very quickly that it is hard to stick with the book until the end. The plot and dialogue are flat and cliched, the villains are obvious from the outset, and Milo Clancey (to whom Robert Holmes seems to devote more screen time than The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie) is downright irritating. The Space Pirates feels like what it is - six episodes of filler runaround designed to bridge a gap until the final story of the season. As a faithful recreation of the TV production, the novel is as dull, and offers nothing new. Move on to The War Games...

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