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A Two-Hander

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 3 October 2023
Rating:   7

The first of the Ace specials, call them Professor-Lite, is the better of the two. In this story, Ace was apparently abducted and placed aboard a slaver ship that crashes, leaving her the only survivor. A mysterious person named Dorsai rescues her, but Ace, ever belligerent, doesn't trust him. Ace is apparently blinded in the crash, so must remain dependent upon Dorsai, a fact she bitterly resents. For his part, Dorsai lives alone on this planet, tending the graves of his mentors. Dorsai is strangely unemotional, but seems to have motivations at odds with normal human behavior. The story is basically the interaction between Ace and Dorsai across a few weeks, while she waits for The Professor to rescue her. The production, therefore, is heavy in dialogue, with much back-and-forth about trust, companionship, and friendship. The story allows Sophie Aldred to do a heap of emoting, returning Ace to the character as she was at the end of the TV Doctor Who run, and less like the Ace of previous Time Travellers audios.

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