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Worst of Season 24

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 25 January 2021
Rating:   1

With John Nathan-Turner's directive to Andrew Cartmel to find writers who had no connection to Eric Saward, there was a scramble to find anyone who could theoretically write for Doctor Who. All three of McCoy's seasons used writers new to Who, but while things settled down a bit in the latter two seasons, season 24 was pretty much a disaster, and none were more disastrous than Malcolm Kohll's only script for Doctor Who, "Delta and the Bannermen." Kohll's novelization of his script is highly faithful to the script as shot, with just some additional coda material. To go through all the plot holes, preposterous coincidences, and misfired silliness of this story would take more space and time than it deserves. Really, not much more can be said about it than that.

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