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Good Setup, Mediocre Ending

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 14 January 2021
Rating:   6

Stephen Wyatt's two "Doctor Who" adventures both have the same problem. The premise is quite intriguing and the mystery behind what is happening keeps the story going. The answer to the mystery, though, is rather silly, and the ending slapdash. This in a nutshell is "Paradise Towers." The Doctor and Mel are trying to find a nice, relaxing pool, so go to the architectural marvel called Paradise Towers. When they arrive, however, the Towers are dirty and half-abandoned, occupied by gangs of teenage girls, old women "residents," some of whom practice cannibalism, and inept, rule-bound Caretakers. Something is killing people one by one, and that something might just be the dark secret kept in the basement. Wyatt's novelization keeps most of the original dialogue and follows the original plot precisely. Wyatt's novelistic touches make it a pleasant read, giving the novel the feeling of a story rather than just a cleaned-up version of the script.

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