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It was your fault, no it was your fault!

By:Lustforpower, UK
Date:Wednesday 6 October 2004
Rating:   8

Overall, I enjoyed this book. There was some good interplay (ok arguing!) between the characters and the tension and mystery of the the situation came across very well.

The only slightly dissapointing thing was that I thought the reason for the cause of all the trouble was a bit lame.


By:Matt Saunders, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 6 October 2016
Rating:   10

I've just read this book again after many years since the first time. It is actually a truly timeless classic and makes good use of the TV story. The book also includes lots of juicy inner thoughts, which are always very useful - it's also well fleshed out. The book also makes the TARDIS much more exciting than the TV version. All in all, go and find this great book, or hope that BBC Audio will release it soon!

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