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Much better than the script

By:Matt, London
Date:Wednesday 10 October 2007
Rating:   10

Excellent and much better that the tv version. Well done Pip and Jane.

Typically Childish

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 1 January 2021
Rating:   3

Pip and Jane Baker clearly saw "Doctor Who" as a show for children, young children especially. "Time and the Rani," happily their last script for the show, amply proves this point. The novelization is in the Terrance Dicks mold of novelizations, basically the script with almost all the dialogue as aired on TV plus a few bits of narrative commentary to make it read like a story. The plot is rather lame. The Rani hijacks The Doctor's TARDIS from a distance (how did she know he was there?) to use The Doctor to fix her equipment so she can complete her grand scheme of biologically reprogramming the universe. It all plays out on the simplest good vs. evil level. The Bakers never miss an opportunity to praise their evil Time Lord creation and manage to take a swipe at The Master one more time (see their prior Rani + Master story "The Mark of the Rani" for multiple examples of "The Rani is brilliant, The Master is an idiot" remarks), just to say again, "See, our evil Time Lord is better." This novelization fixes none of the major defects of the original script.

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