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Superb Swan Song

By:Quist, NZ
Date:Thursday 27 September 2007
Rating:   9

Sadly this was Ian Marter's last contribution to the Target range as he died not long after. I'd always enjoyed his adaptations and hoped he'd go out on a high note. I wasn't disappointed. Filling 120-odd pages with a long-forgotten two-parter from the sixties couldn't have been easy but Marter did it with pinache. I'd gladly read this one again...

Excellent expansion of a good story

By:Ellie Acheson, Charlotte, United States
Date:Friday 16 August 2013
Rating:   9

I have always thought The Rescue was an underrated little serial. Because it's only 2 episodes long, Ian Marter has to expand it significantly in order to fit the length of a Target book. This is done very well with added sequences adding flavor and answering many of the questions you might have had when you watched the original story. If you liked this story on TV you will like it even more in book form.

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