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Lucarotti does it again...

By:Quist, NZ
Date:Thursday 27 September 2007
Rating:   9

This is superbly crafted tale and probably the first "Doctor-lite" story that works. For once the Doctor plays second fiddle to one of his more interesting companions and the story is all the better for it.

John Lucarotti really proves to us what a great charcter Steven is as he finds himself alone in sixteenth century France - and quite a brutal period of history it is too. Lucarotti's knowledge and passion for history is, perhaps, more obvious here than in his other two historical tales and his writing proves that in this book. One can almost smell the atmosphere in this one and sympathises well with the persecuted Hugenots.

The treatment of the Abbot of Amboise (who, for all intents and purposes, seems to be the Doctor himself) seems less-successful than on the TV version but one can forgive this as it is apparent that this one is obviously meant to be told visually. Still, a great tale well-told.

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