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Decent, but Fairly Standard "Doctor Who"

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 22 September 2023
Rating:   7

The second adventure of The Time Travellers finds The Professor and Ace at a secret military base in Greenland during WWII. The base is conducting experiments attempting to mix sound and radar. Of course, some weird things have been happening and our heroes arrive just as the situation is starting to go a bit tense. The experiment has disturbed something, causing hideous mutations in the local fish, and other troubles. Plus, someone on the base is definitely a German spy. It's classic Doctor Who fare, with McCoy and Aldred playing their roles in a somewhat more understated manner than on TV. The Professor is not so scheming and is a bit friendlier, while Ace is more mature. The story itself is one of those Doctor Who variations on Professor Quatermass. It is, therefore, entertaining, but with a few questionable details regarding science and plotting.

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