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Nicely rounded

By:David Yates, Reading, Berkshire
Date:Friday 6 January 2006
Rating:   7

Well, I’ve just listened to Republica and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll be honest I was expecting something sub-Big Finishish (um, if that makes sense at all!). But far from it. It was a nicely rounded well played story.

And what a revelation our Mr McCoy was! After the last half dozen or so BF audios I was really starting to tire of his slightly comic strip over the top acting – as if no one has told him to stop acting like Uncle Winkie from Zagreus. But here he is subtle and almost understated. Maybe it’s because he knew he couldn’t officially play the ‘Doctor’ he curbs his excessive ‘R’ rolling and that ‘stage’ shouting thing he does. I’d forgotten that he could actually act! As much as it pains me to say it – it felt more like the Doctor and Ace than any of the current BF releases do.

It was great.

Worthy of a tv adventure.

By:Dean Anthony, Melbourne, Australia
Date:Saturday 24 January 2009
Rating:   8

This early BBV adventure would stand up very well in the Big Finish range. The 7th Doctor is directed in a more serious manner better suited to the character. Jason Haigh-Ellery should take notice of this as he has been guilty of developing the style of Doctor present in such stories as Time & the Rani.

In Some Ways Better Than The Real Thing

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 7 September 2011
Rating:   7

Republica is an interesting "what if" exercise. Before there was Big Finish, BBV launched this pseudo-Doctor Who that was pretty much Doctor Who in all but a few particulars. Ace and "The Professor" travel in time, land where they do not expect, then quickly find mischief. As other reviewers have noted, McCoy plays the role nicely understated, in many ways more like "The Doctor" than his usual portrayal. The story itself presents us with an alternate history in which the British Protectorate did not fall and the Restoration never happened. Now in the early 21st century, England is a cleaner, more efficient society, but on the verge of war as the latest Charles attempts to retake the crown and a mysterious Frenchman plays both sides for reasons of his own. It is classic Who in its fashion, not brilliant, but enjoyable.

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