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Gritty Realism

By:Quist, NZ
Date:Thursday 27 September 2007
Rating:   10

Ian Marter's love of gritty realism has it's fullest expression here. One of the most memorable and best realised Troughton tales is lovingly brought to life as Marter presents a gritty tale in adult fashion. Tobias Vaughn strikes the reader as a heartless, power-driven corporate type and the Cybermen (and UNIT) are well-served but it is Packer who really impresses here. On-screen he seems a stock-standard henchman but in the book he really comes across as a thoroughly nasty piece of work. Sadistic, violent and totally without any redeeming features, Marter almost seems to pay obsessive attention to his excesses - particularly in the scene where he draws back to kick Jamie full in the face. What a rotter!

An action thriller in every sense of the word. Make sure you get a copy of this one...

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