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A good story but nothing new

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 5 January 2012
Rating:   7

On TV 'The Mind of Evil' was one of the better Season 8 stories, with a plot that fully involved the Master instead of him feeling simply an afterthought, and two menaces in the Keller monster and the revolting prisoners.
Terrance Dicks' novelisation sticks closely to the script, which I prefer to a total re-write which ruins the plot. Dicks' writing style is totally accessible but as happens with many of his Target novelisations it at times seems formulaic (which is understandable when he ended up writing over 60 of them!). However at the end of the day these were children's books and never meant to be cutting-edge novels, so in that respect they have totally fulfilled their function - oh, and the cover art is brilliant: very ominous and a great likeness of Roger Delgado!

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