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By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 14 July 2018
Rating:   4

The TV version of Warriors of the Deep was unnecessarily slow because of the voices of the Silurians and Sea Devils and because the said monsters' costumes were cumbersome. Terrance Dicks' novelization of this story allows one to imagine the dialogue and movement happening faster, but still cannot make up for a rather cumbersome plot. In the near future, the world is divided into East Bloc and West Bloc, each loaded down with proton missiles, which destroy life but leave the buildings intact. In a wild series of coincidences, Sea Base Four becomes the site of counter espionage, the Silurian plans to wipe out humanity, and the Doctor accidentally arriving in the middle of it all. Mostly, this is a base under siege story in which nearly everyone dies and for no real point, which is the point. Dicks steps out of his usual role as merely remove dialogue tags from the script and calling it a novelization. There are some explanations, mostly there for the younger readers.

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