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Better Than TV Version

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 6 February 2018
Rating:   6

This novelization of a Doctor Who episode was written by the scriptwriter. This makes a bit of a difference, either because it allows him to get some details into the story that did not make it to the televised version, or because it allows him to rethink some details. Either way, the novel turns out to be a little better than the serial by filling in some gaps. Chief among these is the difference between The Brigadier 1977 and The Brigadier 1983. In the novel, Grimwade makes clear that the “breakdown” event had a much greater effect on The Brigadier than the TV serial showed. The story itself is one of the more tightly plotted, as time paradox stories need to be. Grimwade, however, makes a few narrative errors, such using the “Little did he know that...” narrative intrusion several times. I am also not so fond of stories in which everyone knows what a Time Lord is. That makes the Doctor Who universe too small.

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