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Slightly Disturbing...

By:Piers, Lancashire
Date:Monday 20 September 2004
Rating:   5

Listening to this play, you have to wonder if Trevor Baxendale even likes the character of Bernice Summerfield. The situation in which she finds herself here is horrific to say the least, and doesn't prove to be easy listening. Ancient medical practices aside, the main story does well at fleshing out the culture of the little seen Draconians, and what we see of their world seems intriguing.

On the down side, if you haven't already heard the Doctor Who audio play 'The Dark Flame' (which I hadn't), you may feel a little lost during some of the plot revelations here. Also the characters, bar Bernice, all seem to suffer the same fate, which stretches credulity perhaps a little too far.

Interesting, but probably a bit too gruesome to be enjoyable...

Good but too much screaming

By:writingbluebear, Jersey
Date:Sunday 3 May 2009
Rating:   7

Draconian rage starts as an interesting story, creating an image of a great empire, along the lines of ancient rome, together with the politics and mad men. Benny's suffering after a while hurts the ears and weakens the story, it's well acted but just too full on.

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