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Worth A Listen

By:Piers, Lancashire, UK
Date:Monday 20 September 2004
Rating:   7

Although the set-up maybe a bit of a cliché (mystery lurking in an ancient booby-trapped temple), this is an enjoyable play. Placing the story against the backdrop of the Rutan/Sontarran War provides some urgency to Benny's mission, and allows for strong motivations for all the characters involved. As expected of a Rutan story, this retreads similar ground as their TV serial 'Horror Of Fang Rock', where the fun is in guessing who is really who. The only disappointing part to this audio drama is the final twist - it adds little to the plot and basically only serves as a 'get-out-clause' for the writer.

Gripping story, sudden finish

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Sunday 3 May 2009
Rating:   9

The Belotron incident builds up a strong plot, giving you a sense of time and place. A race to the goal in a hostile world, with a strong cast this a great story. It would have been a 10 but the ending was just a little sudden and too easy.

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