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The Saga Begins...

By:Quist, NZ
Date:Monday 24 September 2007
Rating:   5

I wasn't old enough to see the Hartnell-style Dr Who. I saw this one on the shelves and went into the book knowing nothing of the TV version - and what a great little story it was: nothing too ambitious and a little naive but it was entertaining all the same.

We will begin......

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 20 April 2009
Rating:   7

A straight forward telling of the first story.
Manages to catch the excitement & mystery of the very first Doctor Who story.

A Gateway

By:Quinnzel Kills, Sacramento, United States
Date:Sunday 5 June 2011
Rating:   7

A Gateway

A neat little rendition

By:Alfie Cook, March, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 4 August 2014
Rating:   7

Whilst this adaptation of the first doctor who story ever is not extravagant by any means, it does it's job perfectly. It very nicely adapts the events that transpire on screen and relate them on to the page in what is still a very entertaining story. If anything the lack of extravagance in this story actually plays to is its strengths as it means the book is not too long but manages to maintain reader interest.

Having seen the episode myself I believe this to be a very nicely written book that very nicely adapts the episode itself.

A nice little homage to the first episode and making sure people who can't get their hands on the original episode can relive the first few moments of the best show ever with the rest of us.

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