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Classic tale but stiffly written

By:Paul D., Scotland
Date:Tuesday 6 February 2007
Rating:   4

This is one of the landmark series of all Doctor Whos- the first encounter with the Cybermen, and the first time the Doctor changes bodies. The book is entertaining enough but reads as a simple transcript of the TV programmes, written rather stiffly (dare I say, quickly) and lacking in some more description detail.

A Shock at the end

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 25 October 2007
Rating:   7

This is obviously the TV story, though it is well written. The big shock is the end. This is of course the famous first regenaration and the book is very different. *SPOILIER WARNING* In the TV broadcast the doctor falls to the floor & regenarates in front of Ben & Polly, in this book he lies down & pulls a sheet over himself. When the sheet is pulled back the new Doctor is reveled.

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