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By:the Traveller, The Geography Room
Date:Saturday 17 June 2006
Rating:   8

Firstly, thankyou very much to Hatman for entering the 1000th review - may Timelash see the 2000th review very soon!
Ian Marter does a good job of conveying the sense of menace and brutality of the televised Sontaran Experiment into print. The cover's quite nice in a subtle way as well...

Nasty, Brutal and Violent - lovely!

By:Quist, NZ
Date:Monday 24 September 2007
Rating:   9

Ian Marter had a penchant for nasty stuff. Target recognised this and rewarded him by giving some of the grittiest, violent Dr Who stories to work with. This one is no exception and the horror of Styre's attitude toward the torture he inflicts upon his "specimens" far surpasses the TV original.

Oh, and this is one of my all-time favourite covers too.

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