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Interesting. Groundbreaking.

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Saturday 25 August 2007
Rating:   8

Having had access to not only the audio portion of The Power of the Daleks but also the telesnaps and some bits of recovered video footage, I can say that this story is very impressive and a very unfortunate loss, since it no longer exists in video format.

As Patrick Troughton steps in here as the Second Doctor, the transition is fascinating. Traveling companions Ben and Polly are not sure that this is the Doctor, and his initial behavior is quite an odd change from what had become the familiar personality of the First Doctor. Troughton's first few scenes are rather shocking in this respect, but once the story set on the planet Vulcan begins in earnest, he hits the ground running, so to speak, and smoothly establishes the new character with impressive authority.

The sound effects and incidental music here create a very atmospheric feel that lends the entire production a sense of quality and importance. In other words, The Power of the Daleks was rather nicely produced. Once we get into the actual Dalek story, we have an interesting situation, in which a crashed Dalek capsule has been discovered and one of the Daleks is being reactivated. Since at this point, Daleks are still dependent on static electricity for power, the Dalek is inert unless it is fed power by the scientists studying it. The newly "renewed" Doctor comes along, posing as an Examiner, after lifting the real Examiner's credentials off of his corpse outside. The Examiner had been murdered in the course of an unfolding political coup taking place on the planet. This strange action by the Doctor was part of the general strangeness and often silent mysteriousness of his post-regenerative state, and so adds to the rather unusual feel of the story.

As the story progresses, the Dalek has persuaded key people that the Daleks will serve the humans, so they are given increasing power and resources, with which they secretly reproduce themselves, and we actually see a small Dalek production plant in operation, which is quite interesting. Another scene with interesting visual effects is the scene in which the Doctor is ultimately able to deal with the Daleks, which sadly is almost entirely lost. A bit long at six episodes, the story actually doesn't feel all that long, and works fairly well at that length.

The Power of the Daleks clearly set the program in a new direction, nearly recreating it, and taking a huge risk in the process. I think the production team pulled it off beautifully.


By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 19 September 2007
Rating:   10

I have have just brought the MP3 reconstructed version of this CD. It is fantastic. The picture & soundtrack combined give you the nearest you will get to seeing this "missing" adventure. I can not recommend this disc high enough.

Excellent fresh start...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 8 September 2010
Rating:   10

First of all let me say there was never anything wrong with William Hartnell as the doctor. He was an excellent actor who brought much to the role of the Doctor. He was brash and sensitive, comedic at times but not quite as much as his lead on when he had to bow out due to his poor health. And it is sad that he is not with us any longer. He after all got Doctor Who off to a flying and highly memorable start.

But for me, Pat Troughton just cant be beat for what he brought to the role of the Doctor. Going for a totally different approach could have failed abismally, but it is due to his acting prowess that it didnt. Pat came along with such energy and enthusiasm that clearly shows itself right from the word go. He doesnt sound like someone who has just started playing the part here, he sounds like he's been doing it for years and years and years.

And this story is highly recommended for many other reasons too. The characters are very well presented and acted, adding a sense of realism to the tale. And the daleks here are far more deep than the daleks of William's time on the show. Here they are manipualtive and devious, yet will anyone pay heed to the Doctor's words? Do they ever?! Until its far too late.

Lesterson is a thoroughly real and totally brilliant character, wonderfully portrayed, going from assured loud mouth to quivvering wreck when he sees the real truth of the daleks who are slowly mass producing themselves.

Bernard Archard also impresses just as much as he does in Pyramids Of Mars. Assured and totally nasty character.

But as I said before, it is Pat that makes the story. In replying to Ben in an amusing scene with just toots on his recorder, just brings the show more alive and makes it all the more interesting for it.

Anneke and Michael are also involved for once properly in the scheme of things, and get a bit more to do than in later stories. Reminds me why their characters are so solid and likeable. They just gel so well too with Pat. They make a great team.

Yes, im sorry but I just cant say enough about this excellent start to Pat's time as the doctor. A classy era indeed!

This was worth EVERY cent I paid for it.

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Sunday 9 October 2011
Rating:   10

I cant really add much more to this review, as the three reviews before me said everything I felt about this absolutely wonderful piece of Dr Who. This is how the Daleks should be remembered - cold, calculating, and devious. I loved the way they played with the minds of the colonists. And with Anneke Wills describing what was happening helped me enjoy this very much.

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