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Great Adaptation

By:Quist, NZ
Date:Thursday 27 September 2007
Rating:   9

This one has long been a favourite of mine and is an example of the book adding further value to the TV story.

It's a great shame that David Whitaker didn't novelise more of these - his writing in this (and "The Daleks") really brings the piece to life. Unlike others who came after he takes the opportunity to present the material as a novel rather than adding a bit of action to the camera scripts.

enjoyable romp

By:david bohn, canberra, Australia
Date:Thursday 15 January 2009
Rating:   8

Havn't seen this one, so was unsure what to expect - but really enjoyed it.


By:Matt Saunders, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 17 January 2013
Rating:   9

It's a really good read, especially as I was not around in 1965 to watch it. I find the soundtracks quite hard to follow, so I am now experimenting by reading these Target novels first, and then listening to the CD. This method works very well, so I'll keep doing it this way - The Myth Makers will be next

The novel itself is very well written (though in an old style) and has some excellent illustrations too. I read the 2011 version, which has an excellent introduction and an excellent conclusion - fitting it perfectly in to the time of its initial publication (i.e. the 1960s). The story is so very good, and like Marco Polo probably describes amazing landscapes that would not have looked so good on screen - though unlike Marco Polo, I could (if I wanted) go and look at episodes 1 and 3.

Please do buy the 2011 version and enjoy Doctor Who from the First Doctor era.

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