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Beware the Wirrn...

By:the Traveller, the Ark
Date:Saturday 8 April 2006
Rating:   8

One of the best Target novelisations which is arguably more effective than the televised version.

Ark in space. Great book

By:tom walker, antingham,north walsham
Date:Wednesday 17 May 2006
Rating:   10

I thought this book was a very well structured book and one of the best ive ever has a great storyline and i thought the best part is where noah's being turned into a wirrn. i could not put this book down.

Ark in Space

By:Craig Price, Norwich, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 23 January 2013
Rating:   8

This is a really good book and I enjoyed reading it, but the story differs considerably from the serial. I know authors have done this to a number of books in the range and sometimes it helps, but the kind of changes here include a number of solar stacks when only one appears, and the Wirrn young are globs of some substance that join up. The scene where Noah shoots the Doctor also differs considerably but that's okay. My problem is with the other two, it reinforces the budget constraints in the show rather than complimenting the serial.

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