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Fits in the cracks

By:Josh Lee, Fort Wayne, United States
Date:Monday 20 July 2015
Rating:   7

I've gotten to appreciate Harry Sullivan more and more over the years. Nice to see him as a more fully developed character here. Sarah was never my favorite, definitely placing me in the minority. Tom was my Doctor and he is in fine form. The worlds in this book are interesting but the three leads are the focus (as it should be) and they carry the story. In typical fashion, they're separated at the beginning and have (thankfully minor) memory problems, too. If the goal of these novels is to fit in the TV stories, then this book does an admirable job because that's exactly what it does and I enjoyed it on that basis. I know a novel should have a bigger scope and focus on more than just the Doctor but I think of the Missing Adventures as comfort food. This one may be "standard" but it's the best kind of standard - the kind where the good guys come out on top and you had some fun with them along the way. I liked the machine with a personality, too.

Cracking Good Story

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 13 October 2015
Rating:   8

"A Device of Death" is probably the best Christopher Bulis novel I have read. It works well conceptually, with the three lead characters separated and then brought back together consistently with the central idea. The Doctor, Sarah, and Harry get blasted off course while traveling back to Nerva Station via the time ring. They each find themselves in a different section of a long interplanetary war. However, the war is not quite the war that it is publicized as. Bulis does a good job with the companion characters, making both Sarah and Harry believable and clever. Harry gets some especially good characterization, with something to do that makes a real change. The trick at the beginning of the novel that gets our heroes thrown into their separate situations seems too contrived. There is also some timey-wimey stuff at the end that also comes off as contrived and a bit convenient. However, these are minor flaws that do not detract from the overall entertainment of the novel.

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