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Not Much New

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 31 May 2022
Rating:   7

"Genetics of the Daleks" is basically a rehash of "Power of the Daleks" with a little "Revelation of the Daleks" thrown in, plus some borrowing from "Ark in Space." In this story, a colonizing space ship with the colonists in cryogenic suspension has two forms of trouble. One is that a gang of criminals has somehow managed to sneak on board and replace key members of the crew. The other is that the space ship picked up the remains of a Dalek that they believe to be empty. The Dalek creature has managed to persuade the scientist on board the space ship to rebuild the Dalek, promising the scientist the advanced secrets of Dalek technology. The Dalek has used the scientist to concoct a secret formula of Dalek DNA that instantly turns humans into Dalek mutants. The Time Lords have hijacked Doctor 4's TARDIS and sent him to the ship with no instructions about the problem or how to deal with it. The story has pace, but lacks originality. Performances are good given that the characters are more caricature than character.

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