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Typical McIntee

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 10 February 2005
Rating:   6

Like other McIntee novels, "The Shadow Of Weng-Chiang" is strong on adventure and weak in characterization. It is better than the TV serial it follows in one respect - a more accurate portrayal of Chinese culture. As with "Lords Of The Storm," McIntee has done his homework to try to create a realistic culture based on some Non-European model. There it was India; here it is China. Set just prior to the Japanese invasion of China in the 1930s, the novel effectively interweaves the historical background into the science fictional plot. McIntee has wisely not used old characters from "The Talons Of Weng-Chiang." The "Shadow" of the title is exactly that. As I said earlier, the weakness of the novel is mostly in the characterization, which is rather flat. Additionally, the plot is too conventionally whovian. Still, this is an entertaining read.

A great sequel

By:Josh, Sitka, Alaska
Date:Tuesday 16 March 2010
Rating:   9

This is a really fun book to read. I found the characters to be quite believable, and it was nice to see the first incarnation of Romana (she only had one season in the original series, and I've only seen a few appearances by her since then). The main reason I bought this novel was for the return of Mr. Sin, who was one of my favorite villians from the Tom Baker era. It was gratifying that David A McIntee was able to not only bring him back, but made him just as creepy as he was in the original. The novel is worth reading just to find out what finally happens to him!
All in, if you can get a copy of this, do so. The read is well worth it.

An outstanding sequel!!

By:Hugh E. Oxburgh, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 29 July 2018
Rating:   10

I cannot disagree strongly enough with David's review of the story. It is BRILLIANT & as he says, Mr Sin was one of the best villains from the Tom Baker era, not least because he doesn't speak.( Which is why I thought the original Autons & The Malus were so good). Although sequels don't always work (especially in films) this one most certainly does, and it is a LOT better than "Face Of The Enemy.

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