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Awesome idea! Needs more time, though

By:Jared Star, Portsmouth, United States
Date:Thursday 9 March 2023
Rating:   6

It seems Tennant’s take on the titular TimeLord can’t escape "needs more time" syndrome. Even in an hour-long audio!

In this story, The Doctor and River whiz through multiple locations and time periods chasing down a conspiracy involving exploding gems. The idea is quite solid, but the execution is very rushed given the time constraints. All the 10 & River time-hopping gets confusing quite fast, especially with a B-plot taking place in another completely different time & location running alongside it all. Names of offscreen characters are thrown around so much, you have to pull out a notebook just to keep track of them all!

However, this story has too many positives to deem it bad. The concept of the episode is super fun and it fits really well with both River and 10. It has a ton of potential! Their banter back and forth is witty, and the sequence of them being thrown overboard felt truly adventurous. It’s easily the highlight of the entire story. Tennant gives a fantastic performance in the final act, too. So, despite starting out the review all negative, the adventure isn’t bad by any means. It’s just super rushed. Way too much to do in just one hour. This story could’ve easily spanned the entire box set. A slowly building mystery that requires River and 10 to traverse different places and time periods would've been loads of fun!

If this had the time it needed in order to be fleshed out, I guarantee this story would be loved. Right now, it’s just okay. Sparks of great ideas here and there, but that’s about it.

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