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A funny fing 'appened at Dafodda's Do

By:Simon Bucher-Jones, Shanklin, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 4 February 2021
Rating:   8

A cracking catalyst of cackling, in which missing marbles, various spinners, buses (well a bus, well actually you'll see) that won't quit combine to form a problematic puzzle for the perpetual poser that is the 9th Professor Howe (of the Northern vowels) and Pertunia (of the Bow, bowels).
An excellent addition to the Professor Howe range and a funny and alliterative. Can the day and the wedding be saved and Petunia's Pa saved from forthcoming fatalitiness. (Spoiler, yes!) Will the oddities added by other hands in the pressured production of The Dad Dilemna, sink the splendid spelling (and wording) of Lisa Hamlin Good (Spoiler, no!).

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