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A Surreal Adventure

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 10 February 2005
Rating:   8

Stephen Marley's only Who novel makes me want more. I've read other Marley work, and all of them have the same characteristic quirkiness. Marley has a rare ability to create entirely other kinds of worlds, wholly improbable, yet somehow running on bizarre systems of internal logic that make them work. In this case, Europe of the future becomes a kind of grand over the top melodramatic theatre, in which facsimile historical figures plot and scheme against each other and against themselves. For instance, we get all three Lord Byrons - mad, bad, and dangerous to know. The main fault of the novel is somewhat weak and stereotypical characterization. However, the strange world and the eerie, dreamlike plot make up for this deficiency.

The Uwe Boll of authors...

By:Todd Snider, Green Bay, United States
Date:Tuesday 21 February 2012
Rating:   1

The Uwe Boll of authors...

Creative but bizarre

By:Josh Lee, Fort Wayne, United States
Date:Monday 20 July 2015
Rating:   6

I liked this one overall but it was very bloody in places, not to mention just strange. The creativity is off the charts and well done on that score. There were nice touches throughout whether it was a good line here or a colorfully specific description there. The big picture was always clear and there was plenty of action. Plus, it never hurts to have villains you want to strangle and there were many of them from which to choose. The Doctor was true to form and Sarah had some good zingers, too. A mixed bag for me. I wish it hadn't been as dark as it was. I know, Tom's stories were very Gothic at this time and this wasn't nearly as bad as The Man in the Velvet Mask but I was still creeped out here and there. Excellent writing, though.

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