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By:Hurdon R. Hastings III, Webster, New York
Date:Monday 4 November 2002
Rating:   8

A good read for Dr. Who fans. This was one of my first in the MISSING ADEVENTURE series, that I read. Each Doctor has their own likeable qualities. The first Doctor is always telling Chesterton to not do this or that. This story has it all. I recommend it.

Every witch way

By:Darrg, Wessex
Date:Tuesday 1 March 2005
Rating:   6

On a subjective basis I didn't enjoy this at all as I loathe sword and sorcery type fantasy, but to be fair it is a well-written knockabout adventure, you always know who are the good guys and the bad guys (except of course for the Surprise Revelation)and the pseudo-science conceit that explains away the wizards and dragons makes it almost forgiveable!


By:softwsolu1, New York, US
Date:Sunday 8 May 2005
Rating:   1

Childish attempt to write a bad fantasy rip-off of Lord of the Rings. This is as bad as Doctor Who writing can get...toxic.

Swords, Sorcery, Science and Spaceships

By:simon, Bristol
Date:Thursday 29 March 2007
Rating:   8

Hartnell stories can, let's be honest, be hard work. There's a worthiness that infects the writing, and a temptation to make knowing reference to the actor's absent mindedness and temper that always seems to end in caricature.

With one or two exceptions (Barbara and the Doctor come off worst), Christoper Bulis manages to steer clear of these pitfalls and delivers a good piece of writing that has humour, twists and turns and doesn't quite end up where you expect it to.

The cover gives a little too much away for my liking, but the relationship between science and magic (together with the dangerous possibilities of being infected by the latter) is a plot device that wonderfully subverts the genre that the book seems at first to be aiming for. And the final scene with the Sourcerer and his apprentice is masterfully done.

A good read.

Doctor Who Does Lord Of The Rings

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 12 March 2010
Rating:   6

The Bulis schtick is simple: take the Doctor Who characters and stick them in some genre story, then try to give that genre story science-fictional justification. So, we have the Doctor and crew arriving on a planet complete with dragons, witches, sorcerers, and various other objects from the swords and sorcery handbag. There's a quest, a big wizard v. wizard showdown, plot, counterplot, knights, daring-do, and all the rest of it. Typical for a Bulis novel, none of it is particularly deep. Instead, it just plods on its inexorable course given the initial material.

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