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Reading Shock

By:Tom Lingwood, Broseley, Shropshire
Date:Thursday 13 June 2002
Rating:   10

This is a brilliant MA. It’s one of my favourites and it’s probably one of the best in the series. It should be in every fan’s collection.

The Doctor and Sarah arrive in England in 1998 where a dead man slips a CD into the Doctor’s pocket. OffNet controls everything from cars to sliding doors. The Doctor and Sarah meet their old friend Harry, who is now working for MI5 (this book sets the UNIT stories being in the 1970’s). MI5 are investigating I2, a software compare. They discover the CD is a key part to an invasion by the Voractylls.

I read this over two days and couldn’t put it down. There is a sequel to this book called Millennium Shock, also written by Justin Richards and that’s a BBC book. I’ll now try reading Millennial Rites, which deals on similar themes…

Friends re-united!

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Sunday 11 May 2008
Rating:   10

This MA was the first Missing adventure i had ever read! I bought it off ebay and was in Excellent condition, and was selling at an awsome price. It had my most favroute treo, The 4th Doctor, Harry and Sarah who worked together so well on screen that i simply had to but this book and for all it was worth, im glad to give it 10 out of 10. The whole thought of Harry working for MI5 intrigued me though, did he simply abandond the Navy or gave it up because ofcourse, Harrys aged a little since he was on screen which I found interesting since Harry and Sarah were about the same age on screen but at all adds up in the end, the plot, even the characters are fully fleshed out and the Doctor reminds me of- in this setting and time of the android invasion.

Sarah and Harry are both the companions they were on the tele and the book itself is a fantastic read- really is and if your a fan of the 4th Doctor, Sarah and Harry, then this book should be the first in a long line of your collection- honestly!

Computer Code Novel

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 21 December 2015
Rating:   6

Justin Richards tries to take on the emerging Internet culture as a subject of this near future, for the time, novel. The Doctor and Sarah arrive in London 1998 when the total world wide web is set for complete linkup. Harry Sullivan now middle aged and working for MI5 is investigating a shady tech company called I Squared. The Doctor and Sarah get involved when they are sitting in a pub minding their own business and an agent investigating I Squared is now on the run from one of its homicidal execs and drops a CD-ROM into the Doctor's pocket. So, the setup for the story is rather contrived. The bad guys in this are a bunch of androids that have added organic components from their snake-like creators. Now, they have come to Earth to enslave the entire population to a hybrid robot-corporate ideology virtually embodied in a computer super-virus that will take over the entire human computer network. After some spy-novel bits in the first third of the novel, the rest is a hostage story very similar to "Die Hard," with The Doctor in the Bruce Willis role working as a lone agent to try to thwart the villains. There is quite a bit of running through the building dodging bullets until The Doctor finally gets out of the building, when, fresh out of ideas, Richards has to substitute Sarah running through the building dodging bullets. The novel has several bits of clumsy writing. Though some of the ideas are interesting, I am confused by the high ratings this novel gets. It really is just run-of-the-mill.

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