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The series that finally killed Doctor Wh

By:John Miller, Cape Town, South Africa
Date:Thursday 28 May 2020
Rating:   1

It's not just that the stories here are preachy, badly written, badly directed and have hammy acting.
It's not just that the 'Doctor'(Jodie Whittaker) has absolutely no personality. Or that the companions are utterly one-dimensional.
This is the series with "The Timeless Child" and "Ruth Dictor".
Yes. The Doctor isn't just "a madman with a box". He's not even just "The Other". No. The Doctor is a little girl with godlike powers from another universe. And the source of all Time Lord Power. And (s)he can go on regenerating forever. In fact, Hartnell is only Doctor #621311251521, at the earliest. Ugh!
Oh, and plastic's bad. So don't buy the DVD or Blu-Ray. And, unless you change, Earth will become a wasteland, and your descendants will be mutants with no apparent foodsource. And Yazz fancies someone, but it could be awkward. And Gallifrey was destroyed AGAIN. And Muslim physicians were known for their enlightened views. The one positive is that the Master wasn't trying to shag the Doctor, but that's probably because he would have been shamed for sexual harassment. See, it's funny if it's a woman doing it, but not if it's a man.


By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 28 May 2020
Rating:   10

A really cracking series of stories that leads to a fantastic, mind blowing climax. Top, top stuff.

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