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Nocturnal Habits Of The Ogrons.

By:Yumchan, Doncaster, England
Date:Thursday 24 April 2003
Rating:   10

A book with Ogrons on the cover would probably not usually be my first choice for good read. But Gareth Roberts has taken a very dull and uninspiring old foe and turned them into a very interesting and occasionally comical race here!
Tom Baker IS the Doctor in this book and you can imagine him saying all his lines with ease. All the other characters come to life on the page too.
A superb first Missing Adventure for Mr Roberts, well worth searching out on ebay.

Good Use Of The Novel Medium

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 10 February 2005
Rating:   7

Too often in the "Missing Adventures" series, the authors write as if they were novelizing screenplays, with the obvious restrictions in place. Not so in "The Romance Of Crime." This is clearly a novel, written as a novel to be read like a novel. Thus, there is much more focus on character, many of whom are more than just the cardboard types found in some of these books. The dialogue reads realistically, and one can hear the voices as one reads. The one drawback is the plot, which follows the usual megalomaniac creating destruction scenario. Granted, the megalomaniacs are well motivated, but the freedom offered in the novel form to create a new kind of menace makes these menaces rather mundane.

A beautiful romance.

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 26 June 2013
Rating:   10

Embarrassed to admit it but I'd never read any of Gareth Roberts Who books before his recent wonderful adaptation of Shada but since then I've been catching up & this is my favourite so far.
It's not as good as Shada, but then what could ?, but it's not far off.
Gareth gets the 4th Doctor, Romana & K9 perfectly. You can hear the voices in your head, the Doctors humour & bluffing, Romana's aloofness & frustration with her fellow time lord & K9's inscrutable logic & whirring engine.
All the rest of the characters are well rounded & interesting & the story zips along at a cracking pace.
The Ogrons get a nice little back story as well, though my one disappointment with this book I'd that the Ogrons are own the front cover & so the surprise of them suddenly turning up some way into the story has been removed.
That little quibble apart this book I one of the best past doctor books, in any range, I have ever read. Highly reccomended and it can only be hoped that Gareth Roberts gets to write more past Doctor books in the future.

This is great

By:The Keeper of Traken, Canberra , Australia
Date:Friday 25 September 2020
Rating:   10

The Romance of Crime perfectly encapsulates Gareth Roberts’ amazing wit and humour. Feeling like it could have come straight out of season 17, this book keeps the pages turning. The only slight disappointment is that the shocking reveal of the Ogrons halfway through is spoiled by the fact that one of them is on the cover. Overall, however, this is a great book, and well worth a read.

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