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Mark Bonnar Shines

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 6 February 2022
Rating:   7

Finally, we get a script that shows what The Eleven is really about. Dark Universe is another of the Doctor 7 has a plan stories. This time, it has been 20 or so years since the Doctor separated from Ace. She's a professor now, running a major ecological non-profit, and she's really not happy with The Doctor. However, The Doctor recruits her to help out with one of his devious plans. This time, The Doctor wants to trap The Eleven, and uses Ace to get close to The Eleven. Said Mr. Eleven is after an ancient Time Lord weapon that would release total disaster on the universe, and The Doctor wants him to have it. However, The Doctor's plan goes awry, because The Eleven is crazier even than The Doctor could have imagined. The story has basically a two-part structure. In part 1, The Doctor has a plan and we hear him try to outwit The Eleven. In part 2, The Eleven has "won" and taken The Doctor as a prisoner to amuse him while he sets about wreaking chaos across the Universe. Part 2 very much feels like a redo (or a foredo if we follow Doctor universe chronology) of "Last of the Timelords." The star of this show is Mark Bonnar. He gets large space in which to deliver a truly terrifying performance.

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