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Alright but boring...

By:Alexander Amos King-Grey, Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia
Date:Thursday 21 July 2016
Rating:   6

Okay, maybe I am being a little harsh on this audio because it's one of Big Finish's first audio, but the lack of music and sound effects really makes this audio a slog fest. I nearly fell asleep listening to this audio, I was only saved by the marvellous characters...
All the characters are brilliant and it's nice to here Maggie Stable playing a foster-mother for Berny, she a superb actress. Bernice is great and Jason is alright. The German characters are brilliant, especially Mark Gatiss's vicious and vile General.
Plot wasn't overly great either, some stuff about a UFO crash-landing, which never gets mentioned again.
I saw this in a shop an grabbed it because I hadn't found any other Big Finish's in Tasmania, so I took the chance and bought it off the shelf. It might even be rare, since it was released in 1999.
Saw a listing of the book which this is based on on Ebay, going for $40, it might be better than this audio.

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