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1940s Horror Movie in Space

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 28 November 2022
Rating:   7

Doctor 7, feeling his next regeneration coming on, has decided to tie up loose ends from his term as The Doctor. He has tracked down werewolf Mags from The Greatest Show in the Galaxy to the planet Gokroth (a possible rearrangement of Goth Rock? You be the judge). There, a bunch of peasants are being stalked by monsters in a forest, while a seemingly mad scientist, Maleeva, and her assistant Gor (presumably because it was too much for him to say Igor), lives in a "castle" performing experiments that one supposes produce the monsters. And then a monster-catching showman arrives to capture all the monsters for a price. Is Mags just another of the monsters? Is The Doctor? This story runs its course in fairly typical 1940s horror movie fashion, with a few bits of technology and biology thrown in to give it some sci-fi glitz. It does have a really good surprise at the end of Part Three, so there is something to counteract the rather predictable way the story goes. It is entertaining, but all the monster-voice acting gets rather annoying.

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