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A whole lot of airheaded fun

By:Graham Pilato, Washington D.C.
Date:Saturday 8 September 2007
Rating:   8

I'm not sure quite why the ratings are so low here for Deadfall. This may be the problem of coming right after the squishy profundity of Down. I must say that reading this one out of order due to convenience made for a pretty good afternoon of silly fun.

This is perhaps, along with Legacy and The Scales of Injustice, my favorite Gary Russell books. Ususally the man is so incredibly useless at creating anything like an enjoyable novel, for all of his tiresome filler text just trying to make a silly idea with some often moronic (though sometimes pretty funny) versions of our known and loved heroes stretch to a given page limit.

This book reintroduces Chris Cwej quite nicely and it features a none too displeasing adventure. It didn't offend my sensibilities one bit (rare for a Russell novel) and it actually was pretty damn fun. That's all I might need to say about that, as, genuinely, this is a pretty simple book, with a pretty simple set of priorites well attended to and enjoyed by me: bring back Cwej, give Jason something to do, make the intrigue that's been steadily building about some of the ongoing plot in Benny NAs amount to something. Check to all that.

So why the low ratings here? Lighten up, folks.

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