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Sometimes good fun is all you need

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 29 May 2019
Rating:   10

Michelle Ryan on screen in Planet of the Dead had a character called Lady Christina De Souza, she was feisty, cheeky and above all else a rather nifty cat burglar. And she did it with some style though. But one was unsure of whether or not she could be the lead in her own spin off. But I persuaded myself to get this set on the thought that I might be pleasantly surprised. And for once I was hugely surprised by just how much I loved the set!

Michelle here is given much better fore than with the Planet of the Dead episode to me which was rather a big waste of time and a bit dull for my liking, another reason why I was initially turning over whether to get this set or not. But this set is just above all else really good plain fun. Its got some awesome sound design yet again, which is the norm for Big Finish of course. Its also greatly amusing to see the way the stories pan out and what tricks Christina has up her sleeve to keep herself from getting into too much trouble. She also as a character is presented as having a great sense of humour.

The banter and fun feeling between her and Sam Bishop is possibly the most rewarding segment of the set. Its so funny to see Sam always trying to ensnare the lady and failing spectacularly! Its rather like an audio version of Catch the Pigeon! No matter how hard he tries his quarry always gets away! I love shows with this kind of theme when the escapee has at least a bit of heart and isn't just an out and out criminal.

Also the inclusion of Jacqueline King is inspired. I loved her as Donna's mum on screen and she doesn't disappoint here. Its also nice to see her give some nice comment on her daughter too for once, sad she never could quite do this on screen!

IT TAKES A THIEF starts things off in brilliant high octane style.
SKIN DEEP has a touch of macabre horror to it and its a very good character piece.
PORTRAIT OF A LADY brings back an old villain with a twist very well indeed.
DEATH ON THE MILE has to have the slitheen, and even they are better here than they ever were on TV!!!!

So yes, I was in the end very very glad to get this set. It is really really good fun and so entertaining!!

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