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Doctor Who Tom Baker Season 1

By:Justin Barnes, st.louis , United States
Date:Sunday 24 June 2018
Rating:   10

This is such a wonderful treat, the Blu-ray quality is top notch, the extras and all are very good. Wish the US release had a booklet in stead of just a 2 sided page, but still this Wonderful.
For any Doctor Who fan wanting to start a Blu-ray Classic Doctor Who Collection
this definitely the way to go and the perfect 1st season to see.
I won't give any spoilers but I will say that its worth every penny spent.
Also this is 1080/4:3 HD not SD they somehow did it and 2 of the 5 stories has a optional 5.1 surround sound soundtrack option!
Enjoy and have jellybabies on standby!

Absolutely AMAZING

By:Sofia Fox, Hale, United States
Date:Tuesday 21 August 2018
Rating:   10

There's SO MUCH content in this set that I haven't even finished it yet. Overall the season is REALLY good and the US set is quite bare-bones in terms of presentation but it's pretty good. At least its got a slipcover. Not embossed but still, they gave us one!

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