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Armaggedon sick of it!

By:michael, Hobart,Tasmania,Australia
Date:Tuesday 18 May 2004
Rating:   8

Yep the world ends again.
This time its all Jason Kanes fault.
The world gets covered in yellow toxic goo and Liz Shaw dies screaming.
Gee the planet Earth sure does get a beating doesn't it...


By:Matthew B, Cardiff
Date:Wednesday 15 June 2005
Rating:   9

In common with Jim Mortimore's other Doctor Who novels, Eternity Weeps is shot through with a general sense of loss and of an emotional intensity that packs a considerable punch. The book splits roughly into two sections, the first in Turkey 2003 and the second...elsewhere. The Turkey sections are probably the most potent; the characters are vividly drawn and the dialogue really lifts off the page. There is a slight falling off in quality once the action shifts to Location No.2, with some laboured plotting and a denoument that is far too busy for it's own good. But don't let that put you off. Eternity Weeps is well worth picking up.

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