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Cheap reprints available on Amazon!

By:Jacob Mason, Manchester, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 10 June 2011
Rating:   8

This is a fantastic book - I barrowed a copy yonks ago and was blown away.

Aaronovitch and Orman are fantastic authors and they don't disappoint in this book. I would reccomend reading a few NAs before starting on this book, as it wraps up some loose ends from other adventures.

As Aaronovitch couldn't finish the manuscript on time for whatever reason, Orman completed the book for him and as a result it was published after 'The Dying Days' - and although I wasn't old enough to remember it at the time, I'm told the book wasn't available for long as Virgin's license was revoked.

As a result, it sells for silly-money on Amazon, but a reprint-on-demand is now available for just under £5. I can't recommend this enough for those who love the NAs and can't obtain a copy themselves.

The link below is Amazon's page for the So Vile a Sin reprint:

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