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Witty, creative, and funny

By:Jared Star, Portsmouth, United States
Date:Wednesday 27 October 2021
Rating:   9

The idea this episode plays around with and the style it goes for are both utterly unique and fascinating. While some episodes may blur into one another, this one stands out. The characters were great to listen to and the main cast even get a fresh mix-up. This is the finale to a trilogy of Ace and Mel stories, but I still understood everything without having listened to “The Dispossessed.”

Although, there are some entire segments where only music plays. It is amazing music, but I’d rather get more of the story instead of straight listening to the soundtrack. I’ll do that after, thanks! I also don’t think we spend enough time in the second world. It feels like it wants to be a B plot, but skips too quickly to the end.

Overall, I usually don’t enjoy funny episodes, but this one was great! I highly recommend it, even if you haven’t listened to Dogbolter's introductory story the “The Maltese Penguin.” Because... I haven’t yet

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