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Superb and compelling storytelling

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 31 July 2018
Rating:   10

The Sons of Kaldor does what all the best sequels to previous stories do. It takes a completely different slant to the original story but still remains excellent. The Sons of Kador is a sequel to the legendary Robots of Death, which to me actually isn't as brilliant as its made out to be by so many I found myself vaguely disinterested by the whole original story if I'm honest, and thought it rather bland. But gladly the Sons of Kaldor at last sparks my interest in the Voc robots. Andrew Smith's script is very slickly written, the pace is excellent and the performances are top notch. I like the different slant Andrew gives to the robots in this story. This definitely makes for another superb offshoot from the original story, the other brilliant offshoot being Nick Brigg's superb Robophobia a few years back. But here the development of the robots is very nicely portrayed and makes for some very interesting listening indeed.

The Crowmarsh Experiment then gives Louise Jameson the superb chance to be centre stage for an hour. The story is really well written and gives her character a great dilemma to deal with. I really like how the emotional side of Leela of the Sevateem's nature is explored in this story. And despite the fact that Tom's fourth Doctor may be sidelined, he is still most certainly palpably present in this story so it doesn't feel like its lack in tooth and curls. I really like the ending of the story, and its a little on the sad and gutting side again as again Big Finish add layers to a companion's nature and psyche. The Crowmarsh Experiment makes for some superb listening indeed.

The Mind Runners and The Demon Rises would have most certainly had Mary Whitehouse have kittens had they have been televised adventures! John Dorney yet again gives us a story dripping with atmosphere and zeal. And also starkly superbly rounded characters. And there are some really deliciously nasty characters in this story. And some moments that would have been gruesome in the extreme if shown on TV. The core of these four stories too riffs on the superb talents of both Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, and together with John Leeson they make a totally brilliant team of the TARDIS. John's story has them as strong as ever, and the way this story unfolds is brilliant and the ending is suitably epic and yet again the sound design and production values add to the sense of complete enjoyment with this superb first half of the seventh series of Fourth Doctor adventures! These are four superb entries indeed!

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