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Twice As Long As It Needs To Be

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 6 September 2003
Rating:   4

The origin of the novel is the independent video of the same name. And like that video, the first 1/2 of the novel which retells it is compelling knock 'em off one by one murder mystery, like "Horror Of Fang Rock." The second 1/2 of the book is clearly added to make it novel-length, and as such is pure padding.

Boring as...

By:michael, Hobart,Tasmania,Australia
Date:Tuesday 18 May 2004
Rating:   3

Predictable, trite and really dissapointingly written, I expect more from Terrance than this.
Plus I hate the Sontarnans because their heads look like giant dried grapes, I hate the Rutons because the idea has great gaping holes in it, and I hate the Ruton/Sontarnan war because the entire deadlock idea never had a lick of sense to it, ever when the Dalek/Movellians did it.


By:justin richards, swansea
Date:Saturday 20 June 2009
Rating:   9

fantastic, cool what can i say easly contented

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