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Discontinuous Strangeness

By:Doug W, An Alternate Reality (formerly Pocono Summit), United States
Date:Thursday 15 February 2024
Rating:   7

It's hard to say a lot about The Eighth Doctor, The Time War 2, the second "season" of the eighth Doctor Time War series, because it generally left me rather befuddled. The stories lurch from one to the next to the next without a continuity of events between them. The Doctor tries to bring Bliss home in The Lords of Terror, only to find her home planet radically changed by the Time War. There is a development in this one that I won't spoil that does deliver a good deal of powerful revelation. Then, in Planet of the Ogrons, a more comedic story, a very strange ogron shows up (I won't spoil this detail either), and they also meet The Twelve, the next incarnation of what was previously The Eleven, played excellently by Julia McKenzie. This time, The Twelve is more or less able to control the breakthroughs of her former selves. She remains with the Doctor and Bliss throughout the rest of these stories. Next, we get thrown into In the Garden of Death, where the characters are imprisoned by the daleks and suffering from amnesia. After this, we are suddenly in a submarine, of all things, in Jonah, the final story of this set. Another ultimate weapon is being sought in the ocean of a planet that somehow disables TARDIS operation under the waters. It's a kind of strange and again incongruous story that nevertheless is entertaining. McKenzie again steals the show here as The Twelve. It's also well worth mentioning that Jacqueline Pearce is great fun to listen to as Cardinal Ollistra throughout the stories in this set, sadly, apparently her last role in Doctor Who before her death.

So, due to the cast and performances, and some elements of the stories, this is an entertaining "season", but it left this listener struggling to maintain a sense of the overall flow of events throughout.

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