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A superb Georgian Outting for the Doctor

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 16 January 2018
Rating:   10

Its been a little while since we had a good historical in the main range of Big Finish. And now we finally get another fresh and superbly intense historical drama for the sixth Doctor and Flip and Constance. I am a massive fan of this TARDIS team. I really love their camaraderie and friendship it feels totally real and never once forced. The two women here have such superbly rich characters but they don't jar with each other, they compliment each other.

The Historicals always have possessed an intenseness in the drama department. William Hartnell's era was a joy to watch for this very reason. We had real characters instead of just plain marauding aliens all over the shop. They aren't needed. There are plenty enough monsters of history in human form, and we get yet another venomous character in this superbly crafted tale by Marc Platt. Marc's knack with historicals is rightly applauded. He has such an ease of touch with them and he never fails to deliver powerful stories.

And the whole cast in the Behemoth really seem to enjoy the script, as each character is approached with total zeal and relish. They really all come together to make this one of the most memorable stories that Big Finish have done in a while. And the production and sound design are really truly authentic and the atmosphere is full on and pretty intense.

And I particularly enjoy the story line that is given to Flip in this story. She really is absolutely winning and feisty and never ever a pushover! I love the way she stands up to a certain character in this story. I adore women with guts!

And this story is also perfect in its pacing and the Behemoth in question of the title is really interesting for an audio story. Its great to have an animal as a major role in a story. And this story uses the animal well but I wont say what it is so as not to give away too many spoilers! All I can say is this is a fantastic and moving historical story. It is packed full of great intrigue and multi layered characters. I have not been let down by a Big Finish historical tale yet. And The Behemoth is definitely one of the strongest yet. Its frankly superb and is already one of my favourite audios.

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