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Interesting and ingenious but convoluted

By:P. G. Steiner, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Date:Sunday 11 July 2004
Rating:   6

Parasite builds on events and characters that will be familiar to the readers of the author's earlier NA novel Lucifer Rising (written with Andy Lane). The Doctor, Ace and Benny arrive on Artifact, a vast, mysterious world that defies the laws of everyday physics. The Artifact is also undergoing cataclysimic changes, and our heroes must discover what is going on before they themsleves are destroyed in the ensuing chaos. Mortimer offers some tantalizing explanations for these mysterious goings-on drawing on both evolutionary biology and theoretical physics, which are puzzled out by Ace of all people. While some of the science fictional ideas in the novel are actually rather intriguing and ingenious, Mortimer goes overboard, putting one layer of complexity on top of another until the storyline becomes so convoluted that I gave up trying to follow it. I also found the idea of Ace--admittedly smart and resourceful woman, but hardly a great abstract scientific thinker--being the one to figure it all out and explain it to the reader more than a little hard to swallow.


By:David Turner, Buckinghamshire, UK , United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 22 January 2017
Rating:   4

Parasite may have a creative setting. It's actually a very confusing, boring and nothing book

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